Investing in Eternity is how we think about financial giving at Southside Bible Church. This is not something new to the Christian church – the first Christians were radically generous with their possessions because of their newly found boldness and fearlessness that came from the assurance of eternity. It was the quality of their generous community that demonstrated and proved the reality that the gospel changes lives. Jesus himself spoke many times concerning money, wealth and resources, for He knew it to be a big deal for those serving in His Kingdom and living in this world. Therefore the Bible tells us not to ignore our wealth and the way we use it.

We invite our partners to “Invest in Eternity” – for that is the only proper use of our money when it comes to the followers of the One who was rich but became poor for our sake.

In the Old Testament, the Law spoke of 10% (“a tithe”) of your income. We think this is a good starting point for Christians: but a better guide is to consider these three words: generous, sacrificial, and cheerful. 


Give whatever amount results in you being generous.

We believe that our giving should reflect the generosity of our God, who emptied Himself for our sake. Our resources are to be shared generously in order to accomplish God’s purpose of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.


Give whatever amount results in you being sacrificial.

We encourage sacrificial giving because it helps Christians to prioritise God’s eternal kingdom over earthly treasures and deepens our dependence on Him.


Give whatever amount results in you being cheerful.

We want Christians to be cheerful because their resources are being used to breathe new life into people, helping them experience the transforming power of God’s love.

Most of our budget goes to employing our full-time Pastors, Dom Fiocco, Adam Chessum and Jayan Parry. We also employ Hannah Cho (part-time) to look after our Administration. Beyond these amounts we also have expenses for rent, Global Missions, various ministries, outreach, church planting, printing, insurance and other administrative costs.

Taking these expenses into account and prayerfully considering Southside’s position into the future, the Leadership Team assigns a monthly target each year (subject to change).We don’t “pass the plate” at Southside – instead we have a yellow giving box located at the back of church on Sundays, and direct deposit details where you can give directly to our bank account.

Direct Debit
Southside Bible Church (Westpac Bank)
BSB: 032 713
Account Number: 193 427
If you wish to financially support any of our 3 Mission Partners please contact Hannah Cho