In one sense, every believer is part of the Church – the spiritual-worldwide ‘Body of Christ’. However, they also belong to a local fellowship where they promise to obey the Bible, live in community and support the work of the local church.  At Southside Bible Church, we think this is a big deal.

Being a member of a church is not like being a member of a social club or other organisation. The Church of Christ is a completely different community – membership means ministry, service and accountability. It comes with certain pre-requisites, responsibilities and privileges.  At Southside, we use the word ‘Partnership’ to describe this commitment to being part of our community.

Partnership process

Becoming a partner is a four-step process:

Step 1: Connect Course

This is a 5-part course that takes you through the basics of the Christian faith and what it means to belong to Southside. You will learn the history and vision of Southside, acquaint yourself with its ministries and opportunities, and dialogue with a pastor and other partners on any questions you may have about church or Christian community.

Step 2: Partnership application

Following attendance at Connect classes, you will be invited to apply for partnership.

Step 3: Partnership Interview

Meet with someone from the Leadership Team for your partnership interview. If recommended for partnership, your name will be submitted to the entire Leadership Team for approval. Married couples who both profess the Christian faith will be interviewed together. Both spouses need to complete steps 1 and 2 individually to move on to the interview.

Step 4: Partnership approval

Upon Leadership Team approval, you will be formally welcomed as a partner before the church community.

Please contact Jayan if you would like to find out when the next Connect Course will be held