The gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t just a message for adults; it is the truth simple enough for even children to understand!

At Southside we believe that children a precious blessing from the Lord, and are in need of a Saviour. Our children’s programs are designed to teach children of all ages from God’s Word, to help them see Jesus and what He did for them more clearly, and to help them value Christian fellowship.

Bible Kids (BKs) is our active and fun program for children in kindergarten through to year 5. While their parents sit through the sermon, children in BKs learn about Jesus and what it means to trust and follow Him through various activities such as singing, games, drama, and craft.

Children join us in church until Café Time before being led out to BKs by our dedicated team of leaders who consistently model Christ-like love to the children.

Children under 5 are cared for during the sermon time in our Bible Tots crèche program, led by experienced childcare workers and parents. For those (babies) who prefer to sleep through the sermon, a designated “pram alley” with extra space and seats reserved for parents can be found at the back of the hall.

The safety and well-being of children in our care is very important to us. All people who work with children at Southside Bible Church are required to have a current ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ card, have completed a Safe Ministries training course and be committed partners at Southside Bible Church.