“As an international student, Southside is a great place to belong…”

I joined Southside because many students from the Overseas Christian Fellowship are in this church. I’ve visited other churches before Southside, but found the preaching here is the closest to my home church in Singapore, i.e. it is Bible-based, and the overall environment is cheerful and friendly. I find the worship highly engaging with powerful voices and touching music that lifts our hearts to worship Jesus.

As an international student, Southside is a great place to belong as the church assigns home-and-away ‘parents’ for us. It has been particularly helpful for me as a young Christian to meet-up, have meals together and chat about life with my home-and-away parents while I am studying in Australia. I also enjoy the Café Time that lets us connect to each other in-between the service, which is something I found unique about church life at Southside.

I attend OCF for weekly group meeting for worship and Bible Study which has helped me grow in my trust in Jesus. Because it’s a student-led, student-run ministry, we are thankful for Southside pastors and church friends who are willing to offer help and guide us in learning God’s Word.

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