Zhang Ni (Sunny)

…reminds me that I belong to God’s big family

I became part of this wonderful church family from late 2007. The church is indeed my family that I love and serve dearly and reminds me that I belong to part of God’s big family. As part of the church family I am treated with respect, gentleness, understanding and encouragement. Thanks to the mutual love we share with each other and the work of our heavenly Father in my life, I have grown to love God and His people more than anything this world can offer.

I enjoy our weekly Sunday celebrations, and love to serve the church family during our half time morning tea break we call ‘café time’. My faith has grown since I started coordinating the café time ministry and serving without sinking is delightful. I am happy when I see my church family enjoy food and fellowship with each other during cafe time and pray they are even more satisfied with the spiritual food of our weekly Bible talks that follows the cafe time. I am challenged a lot by our Bible talks, and eager to share my thoughts and pray with other family members as we grow in maturity of faith and knowledge together.

I am also part of a weeknight women’s fellowship group that is lots of fun! It is such a privilege and blessing to receive support from faithful sisters of my group as well as the wider church community. I find it such a joy to share my life’s journey with my special eternal church family.

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