Chinese Bible Fellowship

At Southside Bible Church we believe that the good news of Jesus Christ is for all nations. A number of our congregation come from China and speak Mandarin as their first language. For this reason, we offer a Chinese Bible Fellowship that helps people to study the Bible and explore the Christian faith in Chinese. We meet weekly on Friday nights to:

  1. Sing Chinese worship songs together
  2. Study the Bible in four dimensions to know God and know ourselves:
    • Literal dimension: understand the Scripture’s literal meaning
    • Historical dimension: read the bible from the viewpoint of a person born thousands of years ago when the Scripture was written
    • Chinese culture dimension: read the bible from the viewpoint of both traditional Chinese culture with Buddhism, Taosim and Confucianism influences and modern Chinese culture with Atheism, Communism, Materialism and Consumerism influences.
    • Application dimension: discuss and explore how do we practice God’s truth in our everyday lives
  3. Share personal life stories and pray together to experience God through His Words in our lives

When: Friday, 7:15pm



  1. 一起用华语赞美诗敬拜神
  2. 用四个维度来查经,从而让我们认识神,认识自己:
    • 文字维度,其文字的字面意思
    • 历史维度,从几千年前读者的文化角度去解释经文
    • 中国文化维度,其中包括了由儒释道影响的中国传统文化,以及由无神论,共产主义,唯物主义,消费主义影响的中国现代文化
    • 实践维度,一起探讨如何将神的真理运用实践在日常生活中
  3. 一起分享生活,为彼此代祷,从而经历神以及他的话语的信实

More Information: If you’d like to know more about the Chinese Bible Fellowship please contact Pastor Craig.