Prayer and Accountability Group

What is a Prayer & Accountability Group?

As a non-denominational church we have formed a group of godly men and women to help us function as God intends.

The Prayer & Accountability Group does not operate as bishops or a presbytery but as people who are committed to prayer and holding the Leadership Team and pastors accountable to the Word of God and the Gospel ministry entrusted to them.

The Prayer & Accountability Group consists of mature Christian leaders who are widely respected in evangelical circles. The members of the Prayer & Accountability Group do not regularly attend Southside Bible Church.

The Prayer & Accountability Group do not have to meet together or have any decision-making power over Southside Bible Church. They may be called on occasion to meet individually with members of the Leadership Team, the pastors, or with the entire team. They all have had, and God-willing, will continue to have ministry opportunities at Southside Bible Church, at the invitation of the Leadership Team.

Dick and Jane Buesnel : Tathra, NSW – Grace Church (Elder)

Marcus & Kelly Reeves : Canberra, ACT – Crossroads Christian Church – FIEC (Lead Pastor)

Janson & Heather Condren : Croydon, NSW – St James Anglican Church (Senior OT lecturer SMBC)

Bob and Evelyn Prior : Canberra, ACT – Dickson Baptist Church (Elder)

Chris and Mona Chia: Singapore – Adam Road Presbyterian Church (Senior Pastor)