Who Is Jesus?

The dictionary tells us that the word ‘Worship’ can mean ‘extravagant respect or devotion to an object of esteem’.

At Southside we believe that every person on earth worships something. It could be a (singular) god, many gods, or ‘no god’, the self, a career, family, a house, holidays, power, comfort, relationships, or prestige. But none of these are truly worthy of our worship because we have a far greater purpose: to worship and live in relationship with the living God who created us.

Who is Jesus?

Some say Jesus was a wise man, some say He was a liar, some say He was a lunatic. But we believe that Jesus is Lord. He is the one who can make us worship and live as we were meant to live. Jesus has transformed the lives of millions of people over the last 2000 years, and He  continues to do so, including ours here at Southside.

We offer an informal 7-week course called Christianity Explored for people who want to learn more about Jesus and investigate the Christian faith. We have eyewitness accounts of Jesus during His life; we are not interested in blind faith. We base our trust in Jesus on solid evidence. No prior Bible knowledge is required, no question is too silly to ask, and no fee is charged. To find out when the next course is run, please send us a message and ask us (there is a contact form below).

Everyone is welcome, no matter what age, culture, nationality, background, or religion.

We hope that some of these answers to common questions on Christianity will help you get started.