Lockdown Fun Pack

(Updates coming, come back and visit again!)

Below are some suggestions of what you can do with the items we have included, plus some other ideas of things you can do as a family during this time. If you have some other ideas to share, let us know and we can add them in. And maybe you can you share some of your fun with everyone on the SBC Facebook Group!

Items in the Pack

(By the way, if we made a mistake and you are missing something, let us know and we will try to get it to you!)

Colour in the front of the card and post it to another family in the SBC contact list (or someone else you want to encourage). We’ve already put a stamp on the envelope to make it easier. You could share a favourite Bible verse or write an encouraging note. (And if you don’t like the front, you can always cover it up with your own decoration ?)

Ken’s 5 favourite walks: Some top picks of where you could go for a walk together…

(A) Cooleman Ridge Nature Trail ACT (3.6km)
(B) Mount Arawang Summit Walk ACT (1.3km)
(C) Mt Taylor ACT (3.8 km)
(D) Red Hill Summit Walk ACT (4.1km)
(E) Urambi Hills ACT (2.3km)
Lollies to add a bit of sweetness into everyone’s day ?! (Or maybe if Mum and Dad are quick, they can be hidden away for special parent treats..?)
Party Popper and Balloons to celebrate when lockdown ends. (Or you can use them before if you can’t wait until then ?)
Craft Kit to make all sorts of things. Some ideas are below. Or you could make something crazy and weird to post in the SBC Facebook Group ?
* Prayer Pail
* Beatitudes Wreath
* Forgiveness Craft (Lost Son)
* Days of Creation Wheel
* Pipe Cleaner Animals
Rocks to decorate and hide! Maybe paint it with a bible verse, then hide it somewhere for someone else to find!
Sunflower Seeds to plant and look after, and see some beautiful flowers! Some of you will have the Sun King ones (bigger, flowering in 12-14 weeks) and others the Dwarf Soleil ones (smaller, flowering in 7-8 weeks). If you’d like the other kind, try asking for a swap on Facebook!
Parenting articles to guide you as you raise a family in a gospel-focused way: “Four Daily Prayers for Your Children” and “Why Parenting Strategies Won’t Work“.
As a bonus, also read this golden oldie by J C Ryle, “The Duties of Parents“.

Other activity ideas you could do together

Family Dance Time using Lisa’s pick of Upbeat Songs for Quarantined Kids
Try a new recipe in the kitchen, maybe some tasty treats! Here are some ideas:
* Donuts