Every Member Ministry

At Southside we believe that church is not for ourselves. We don’t come to church to be consumers, but to be equipped through worship and training to serve others. We put the needs of others before our own, considering the health of the Body as a whole rather than just our own tribe.

We believe it is biblical for every Christian to make some kind of contribution to church life, and to use their God-given gifts to the furthering of gospel work in our local community – which is why we are on about Every Member Ministry.

Our ministries are structured to encourage our partners to discover and grow their skills and spiritual gifts to better serve and love one another. This can often mean stepping out of our comfort zones, learning to love people who are different from us, and trying new things. We do this because we believe in the gospel’s unique power to transform our lives beyond what we can achieve on our own.

There are many ministries going on at Southside, all of whom need more faithful brothers and sisters in Christ to get involved.

And more!